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“For decades, Jennifer McCrea and Jeff Walker have been guiding and advising the leaders of many of today’s most effective nonprofit organizations (including mine), in fields ranging from poverty relief and education reform to healthcare, the arts, and the environment—with truly impressive results.  What a blessing that they’re now making that same wealth of insight available to all of us through The Generosity NetworkQ-HeadphonesQuincy JonesMusician, composer, producer, arranger, conductor

“Like strong and caring friends, Jennifer and Jeffrey encourage us to look inside ourselves, ask the tough, deep questions that reveal our limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits and then give us wise and practical counsel on how to change course. Be courageous enough to trod this internal trail and you will unleash your own potential, transform your organization and change the world.”Ohio Congressman Tim RyanTimothy RyanU.S. Congressman

“Of the many important insights this book brings to fund-raising, the most important is that networks undergird all social undertakings, and along networks flow talent, connections, wisdom – and funds.  This book is about successful organizations, and the different forms of success, including fund-raising, reinforce one another.”Teresa A. SullivanTeresa A. SullivanPresident, University of Virginia

“In today’s troubled world, the work of nonprofit organizations is more urgent than ever.  That’s why the ideas in The Generosity Network are so important.  Whether you mission is to save the planet—or just make your little corner of it a whole lot better—you can’t afford to ignore this marvelous new book.”Goldie HawnAcademy Award winning actress and producer, Founder of the Hawn Foundation

“Jennifer McCrea is a force of nature and one of the few people I know that actually enjoys asking people for money. She and Jeff Walker have provided an incredibly rich and valuable resource for those out there struggling to raise money for important causes.”Scott HarrisonScott HarrisonFounder and CEO, Charity Water

“Along with Sex and Religion, Money is one of the Great Unmentionables. It makes people nervous and brings up visions of power, property, and ownership, and all the crud around it makes raising money especially difficult. This book teaches us how to lighten up, to peel away all that scuzz from both ourselves and the job in hand.  Connecting people for a higher goal turns a fundraiser into a dating agency for world changers.  It's wonderful to see, in a world full of horrors, that compassion and generosity have found such effective allies as Jennifer and Jeff . . . !”Peter GabrielPeter GabrielMusician

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Great interview by the New York University Philanthropy Journal

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Are We Enough?


Jennifer McCrea February 22, 2017

Recently, I saw Hamilton on Broadway.  Like many others, I’m obsessed with the soundtrack.  I’ve gotten so into it that I

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Mindful Leadership — the Key to Creating Successful Organizations for Which We All Want to Work
Jeffrey Walker January 23, 2016

Driven Leadership, with all the problems it produces, is simply unacceptable in this second decade of the twenty-first century. What’s more, it’s completely unnecessary. We now have the tools we need for each of us to become more mindful — and more effective — leaders.

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